UK Based blogs on Motorsport

featured UK Based blogs on Motorsport - UK Based blogs on Motorsport

Follow these great blogs to stay in the know about motorsport throughout the UK. Following any of these blogs can provide relevant information to stay up to date on everything motorsport related.


This blog was founded in 2005, and it features Formula One racing news. Some of the other races which they attend and report on include Formula E, IndyCar, World Endurance Championship and Formula Two. On this blog, you can expect up to 5 posts per day.

Race Tech Magazine

Race Tech Magazine - UK Based blogs on Motorsport

Race Tech Magazine is based in London and stands as the primary source of racing technical information, and they cover every aspect of the race car itself. Engineers write the articles in this magazine for engineers. You can also find many news features and blogs on all aspects of motorsport engineering including, Le Mans, NASCAR, and Formula One.

The Checkered Flag

The Checkered Flag is based in Cambridge and was founded in 2009. It’s dedicated to providing daily news and features towards the world of motorsport. Some of the news and articles they cover are focused on Formula One, WEC, WRC, Rallycross and MotoGP. On this blog, you can expect regular posts.

The Racing Bug

The Racing Bug has become one of the worlds best blogs on Motorsport events and has been standing out for nearly ten years. The blog is followed by many fans worldwide, including the UK, Europe, and the US.

The Paddock Magazine

This magazine was founded in 2009 and stood as the only lifestyle and business magazine in Formula One Racing. They keep readers up to date on the latest investment routes in Formula One and how it compares to investments in rival sports.

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