Top 10 Historical Moments in Motorsport

Motorsport has a rich history spanning over 100 years. It presented thousands of championships and inspired millions of international fans. This article will look at some of the most historical moments in motorsport history that stand out as important moments in motor racing.

These are some of the most historical and ground-breaking moments in motorsport races and events.

NASCAR and its Newly-Found Popularity

In 1994 NASCAR was launched with the Brickyard 400. It was the first non-indy race since 1916. With this 1994 event, NASCAR event attendance broke the record and instantly became one of the most popular forms of motor races.

NASCAR has now overtaken all forms of motorsport racing as the most popular form of racing throughout the US and now has global success.

Women in Motorsport

Women have been part of motorsport racing for more than 100 years, but their success has not consistently been recognised until 1962. The British Women Racing Drivers Club was founded in 1962 by Mary Wheeler; the club focuses on encouraging women from racing and rallying.

Since the club’s formation, the scores of female drivers have won many championships and have set records. In 1974 at the Spanish Grand Prix, Lella Lombardi became the first woman to score championship points in Formula One Racing. This was a high point for women in motorsport, and Janet Guthrie became the first woman to win NASCAR in 1976.

Jaguar and Le Mans 1953

The Le Man’s race in 1953 lasted over 24 hours and proved to be a historic moment in motor racing. The introduction of the new Jaguar C-Type turned heads and stood as one of the fastest cars at the Le Mans Race.

The advantage of the new model by Jaguar was partly due to the brakes, which helped carry more speed into the corners and raised the average speed of the race to 9.14 mph. The winning of the new Jaguar inspired many automotive companies to improve on their cars to gain speed.

Victories in Extreme Weather Conditions

Michael Schumacher, who has won 91 Grand Prix championships, won the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix with the Ferarri F310 through extreme rain and won over 45 seconds ahead of the closest rival.

Juan Manual Fangio has made it through many different racing challenges, including major injuries, near-death experiences in racing, and driving in extreme weather conditions. In the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix, Juan drove through a 135-degrees heatwave while many racers quitting, and won the 3-hour race.

The Formation of Formula E

In 2011 fans of motorsport saw the birth of Formula E. Formula E is the only motorsport race that involves Electric Cars and pushed sustainability in the sport of racing. The series changed rapidly in the 2018 season by introducing the Gen2 cars, which produced more power and mitigated the need for pit stops and car changes.

The Formula E series turned more heads in the 2019 and 2020 races by introducing their electric cars.