Reputable Regional Motorsport Associations (UK)

In the UK, there are about 720 motorsport racing clubs which 14 Regional Associations represent. These associations help Motorsport in the UK guide and support these clubs and provide the information to Motorsport UK. On this list, we look at some of the most important regional associations.

Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs

This association brings the clubs in central England together to support events. They organise regional championships across many sectors in Motorsport. They support all the clubs in central England with events and promotions. An important contribution from this association involves arranging training events throughout the region.

Association of Southwestern Motor Clubs

This association was founded in 1957. Their main focus is supporting local motor clubs and safeguarding their interests and activities. They run 12 Championships and have close to 250 racers each year. In 2018 the ASWMC was one of the largest and most active MSA regional Associations in the UK.

Associations of Eastern Motor Clubs

Associations of Eastern Motor Clubs - Reputable Regional Motorsport Associations (UK)

This association is one of 13 regional associations which the Motor Sports Association created. The primary purpose of this association is to coordinate motorsport affairs into their respective regions.

They work as a link between Motorsport UK and the regional Motor Clubs. They run many events such as stage rallies, Targa, sprints, autotests, car trials, and Autocross throughout Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and Norfolk.

Association of Northeast and Cumbria Car Clubs

ANECC was formed in 1952. They bring clubs from Morecombe Bay to Solway Firth together and coordinate dates and events for each affiliated club in the region. They act as a link between Motorsport UK and the regional clubs.

They organise many regional championships in the area for stage rallying and Autocross.

East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs

The EMAMC was formed in 1958. It coordinates motorsport affairs and acts as a link between the regional clubs and Motorsport UK. They are responsible for discussing matters which might affect all clubs in the UK. They run many championships each year throughout the Midlands and provide knowledge on motorsport UK and championships.

Association of Northeast Midland Motor Clubs

ANEMMC works with member clubs in and around Northeast Midland. They bring together all the racing clubs in this region, provide assistance to races and events in Northeast Midlands, and work as a link between these clubs and Motorsport UK.

Association of Northern Car Clubs

Association of Northern Car Clubs - Reputable Regional Motorsport Associations (UK)

The ANCC stands as the first regional association formed between Motorsport UK and the different regions for local motor clubs. They were formed in 1947 and organised many championships between different clubs. They organise events including Stage Rally, Classic Championships, Road Rallies, and autotests.

These Associations are vital towards the link between Motorsport UK and smaller motorsport clubs throughout the UK.