SAA Round 10 – 16/08/09
Lovely hot weather for this meeting again, and yet another great turnout of cars. Typical of Bradley Lock to be on holiday last meeting so he didn’t get his special message, so here it is again.... MORNINGGG!!! J We’ve got a few visitors in the shape of T92 Peter Tilley, T492 Graham Goddard, T147 Jake Perry, T74 Lawrence Connors, X222 Graham Legge. Dan Blackman is on holiday this meeting, but the Manktelows have returned! There is also no Kieron Chappell or Jack Allen in the Juniors, and no Steve Diaper in B’s thanks to his hand injury last meeting.

Relay Race
The first races of the day were the Semi-Finals and the Final of the Relay Races. The first race was 312, 154, 311 and 292 against 323, 126, 96 and 304. It was a close race, however Shaun Russell’s team came out 1st. The second semi-final was between 95, 222, 170, 90 and 175, 369, 456, 175. Wilkie’s team won. The final between Wilkie’s team and Shaun’s team was very close, with Shaun leading on the last lap, until he went wide in the bend allowing Wilkie up the inside. WINNERS = 95, 222, 170, 90.

Novice Juniors
335 is away first followed by 212, 305, 416, 300, 50, 360 and 41.Gemma Clark in #41 breaks down on the exit of turn 1 on the first lap. 416 moves past 305 and 212 into 2nd place. James Cole and Emily Golding have a bit of a coming together on the entrance of turns 3 and 4, resulting in 335 collecting the barrier. The race is stopped as she requires medical attention. On the restart Jade Hayward leads away in 305 followed by Billy Mellish in 212. 212 and 300 pass 305 going down the pit straight. 212 goes a bit wide in turn 3, however 300 goes wide exiting turn 4 allowing Billy to get into the lead. 305 retires. 300 goes wide exiting turn 2 and makes contact with the pit barrier. 416 moves into 2nd. 212, 416, 300, 360, 50.

Heat 2, and we’re missing 335. 41 doesn’t make the start so there is a red flag situation. Restart, and 305 leads followed by 212, 360, 300, 416 and 50. 416 slingshots it up the inside of Kyle Hayward in 300. 212 goes slightly wide exiting turn 2 and nearly collects 360 on the inside. 416 is now in the lead with 300 in 2nd, 212 has recovered and is in 3rd. 305 has a problem and retires to the infield. 212 moves into 2nd. 360 and 212 have a little bit of a coming together, and 212 loses a couple of places. 416, 360, 300, 212, 50.

Novice final and 360 leads on lap 2 followed by 300, 305, 212, 50, 41, 416. 41 comes to a stop on the pit straight. 416 has pulled into the centre. 212 passes 305. 300 spins in the middle of turns 1 and 2, meaning 212 moves into 2nd. Red flags are put out due to 300’s spin. Result is called. 360, 212, 305, 50.

Harry Easen has moved up to the Juniors today in the 238 mini. 70 gets a good start. 246 leads followed by 337, 53, 224, 312, 187, 70, T147, 469 and 238. 312 gets under 187 on the exit of the pit turn. Chris Polley moves round 53 and 337. 70 goes round 312, 187 and 53 in the pit turn. T147 Jake Perry gets under 187. 312 goes up the inside of 53 and 337. Becca Dance gets past 224 on the inside of turns 3 and 4. 469 gets back past T147, as does 187. There is a collision between 187 and 53 exiting the pit turn. 53 hits the wall and the race is stopped as Jess requires medical attention. On the restart there is no T147 or 53. Becca misses a gear and drops back a little. There is another coming together in the pit turn between 224, 187 and 312. 187 doesn’t get away and there is a red flag. On the second restart, 246 leads. 312, 70 and 469 manage to get under 224. Macauley and Becca then get under Noel in 187. 312 then goes wide in the next bend allowing 70 up the inside. There is a coming together between 337 and 312, and 337 goes sideways. All get going okay. 246 goes very wide exiting the pit turn and 70 moves into the lead, followed by 312 into 2nd. 70, 312, 224, 238, 469, 337.

246 leads heat 2 followed by 337 and also 238 who has opted to start at the front for this one. Dan Broome in 146 slows on the pit straight and then retires for some reason. 70 goes round Luke Manktelow in 469, then under 312. She then takes a really wide line in turns 3 and 4 to pass 224, 337 and 238 on the outside. 469 gets round 337 while 312 goes up the inside of her. There is a great battle going on between Luke, Macauley and Chris, meanwhile Harry Easen is doing well in 3rd. 70 takes the lead from 246. 469 and 312 manage to pass 224 on the inside. 70, 246, 238, 469, 312, 224, 337.

246 leads the final followed by 238, 337, 224, 312, 70, 146, 469. 70 gets underneath 312 in turns 3 and 4. Chris Polley and Becca Dance get round the outside of Georgia Golding in the mint green mini. There’s a bit of contact between 224 and 337, but everyone gets away okay. 337 then goes really wide in turns 3 and 4 allowing 312 up the inside. 70 goes round 224, but 224 slides on slightly and just catches the back end of her going into the pit turn, luckily Becca is able to hold it and everyone carries on. 312 takes advantage of this to get underneath 224. 70 goes round 238 and 246 to move into 1st. 238 and 246 are having a good battle, but both go wide exiting turn 4 letting Macauley up the inside into 2nd. 238 just manages to get 3rd in front of 246. 70, 312, 238, 246, 469, 224, 146, 337.

Prod A
12 Prod A’s for heat 1 with new driver of Gordon Smith in 107. Dave Bastable’s car of 265 is being driven by Paul Mellish today. 265 goes into the lead on the first bend followed by 321, 107, 76, 369, 169, 112, 126, 317, 170, and visitors of T92 and T492 at the rear of the field. 107 retires. T492 is already half a lap down, and he retires. 170 is up to 4th round the outside of 321, closely followed by 317 and 112. 317 slides into 112 slightly going round the pit turn. 76 goes really wide round turns 3 and 4. 112 gets it sideways and spins, and is then collected by 321, who in turn is collected by T92 and 169. The race is stopped and 321 requires medical attention. On the restart 265 leads followed by 369, 76, 170, 126, 112, 317 and T92. 317 moves up the inside of 112. Maggot in 126 is not letting 170 get away. 369 takes over the lead on lap 4. 170 moves into 3rd. 265 drifts wide in turn 4 allowing 170 and 76 up the inside. 126 now in 3rd. 170 takes over the lead. T92 drifts wide when passing 76 and clips the Armco. 170, 369, 126, T92, 317, 112, 76, 265.

11 cars make it out for heat 2 of the A’s. 107 gets a really good start. 321 seems to be struggling a little bit, after getting a bit of damage in heat 1. 369 looks to go round 265 followed by 126 and 317 doing exactly the same. 170 gets up the inside of 76. 321 retires on lap 3. 170 moves round the outside of 317. 170 looks to pass 126, but doesn’t make it stick. Mid race and 107 still leads followed by 369, 126, 170, 317, T92, 112, 76, T492 and 265. 107 goes a little wide exiting turn 2 and 369, 126 and 170 get up the inside. 170 sits on the rear end of 126 and 369 who are having a good battle. 170 shoots up the inside of 126 going into the pit bend. 76 seems to have a problem and is right at the rear of the field. 369, 170, 126, 317, T92, 112, T492, 265, 76, 107.

Final of the Prod A’s and we’re missing 76 who has loaded up. 107 is leading followed by 265, 369, 321, 170, 112, 126, 317, T92 and T492.170, 112 and 126 all pass 321 in turns 1 and 2. 369 is close on the tail of 265 on lap 3 with 170 close behind him. 265 goes slightly wide in turns 3 and 4, 369 moves up the inside. 126 is on the inside of 265 to move into 4th. 112 and 317 are having a really good race with Terry on the outside and Ellie on the inside. 107 is still in the lead with 170 in 2nd, 369 3rd and 126 4th. 317 gets in front of 112 on the inside of turn 1. 369 spins entering turns 1 and 2, 126 manages to miss him however 317 collects him and the race is stopped before anyone has a chance to get going again. The result is called. 107, 170, 126, 112, T492, T92, 265, 321.

Prod B & Mod C
B’s and C’s were run together today as they were a bit low on cars. For the C’s we’ve got 222, 87, 154 and 272. B’s are 168, 69, 45, 128 and 440. 45 leads followed by 168, 440, 96, 128 for the B’s and  222, 154, 87 and 272 for the C’s. 440 goes sick coming up the pit straight. 168 in the lead for the B’s. 87 goes wide exiting turn 4. 154 takes over the lead for the C’s from Paul Simmonds in 222. 440 is , still struggling round. B’s: 168, 96, 45, 128, 440.    C’s: 154, 222, 87, 272.

Heat 2 of C’s and B’s. 440 leads followed by 272, 45, 96, 128, 168, 222, 154, 87. 222 and 154 make a move up the inside of 128 while 168 goes up the outside. 272 looks to take the lead from 440, but has to back out as 440 gets the car sideways. 272 gets the lead on turns 3 and 4. 222 moves up the inside of 96. 222 takes over the lead from 272. 96 leads for B’s. 168 moves up the inside of 45. 440 gets it very sideways in the centre of turns 1 and 2, Chubbz takes advantage and moves into 2nd. 154 has moved into 2nd for C’s. B’s: 96, 168, 45, 440, 128.    C’s: 222, 154, 272, 87.

For the B’s we have 45 440 128 96 168, while 272, 222, 154 and 87 are racing for the C’s. 45 leads on lap 2 followed by 440. 222 has his rear bumper dragging on the floor. 96 passes 440 on the inside to move into 2nd. 222 follows him through into 3rd, while 154 moves into 4th. 96 makes a move up the inside of 45 to take the lead. 154 and 222 are having a good battle and also move up the inside of 45. 440 and 128 have a coming together in the pit turn resulting in a red flag and the result is called. B’s: 96, 45, 168.     C’s: 154, 222, 87, 272.

120 and 304 leg each other to the first bend in heat 1, with 120 coming out 1st. 90 passes 92 on the home straight on lap 4 to move into 5th. 21 is struggling to pass 175. Wilkie is looking to pass Mick Worrell in #60. Mick Browne retires to the infield with the rear passenger side tyre off the rim. 120 has a huge lead, followed by 304, 27, 90, 60, 175 and 21. 90 passes Anthony Burt in 27 to take 3rd. Wilkie then passes Shaun in 304 to take 2nd. 120, 90, 304, 27, 60, 175, 21.

Heat 2 of the 1450s now and 60 leads into turn 1, until Mikee 120 takes over the lead. 92 is back out for this one. 304 looks to go round 60, but doesn’t make it stick. 21 gets really crossed up exiting turn 2 but manages to correct it. 92 and 304 are still trying to pass 60, while 120 pulls a good lead. 27 has managed to make it stick on the outside of 60 and moves into 2nd. 90 passes 92 on the outside. 304 goes a bit wide exiting turn 2 allowing Wilkie up the inside. 120, 27, 90, 60, 304, 92, 175, 21.

304 and 120 leg it into turn 1. 60 is in 3rd followed by 27, 92, 175, 90 and 21. 90 quickly passes 175. 120 has passed Shaun in 304 to take the lead. Wilkie has gone sick and retires to the infield. Mick Browne has passed Mick Worrell for 3rd. 304 leaves a gap going into turn 1 allowing 92 up the inside into 2nd. Not really much to report in this race as everyone is fairly spread out. 120 and 92 have pulled a bit of a lead. 120, 92, 304, 27, 60, 175, 21.

Super Saloons
7 cars today, with Mikee 120’s car being driven by his mechanic. 323 leads, 292 moves into 2nd. We have a visiting driver of X222 from Standlake. 20 sounds as if he is down on a cylinder. Jody takes over the lead on lap 5 followed by Adam Stevens in 323, JJay in 311 and Daniel James in 153. 120 gets a bit sideways in the pit turn, but manages to keep X222 behind. X222 manages to get up the inside of 120, only to then spin exiting turn 4. 292, 323, 311, 153, 120, 20, X222.

Heat 2 of the Super Saloons, and 68 Paul Thompson is out for this one, after missing his first heat. 323 leads into the first bend. 292 is quickly up to 3rd spot. 20 goes wide exiting turn 3 allowing 311 and X222 up his inside. 120  struggling slightly this time, and spins entering turn 1. He manages to get going again but is in a lap down. 292 is now up to 2nd. 120 retires to infield. 292 is right on the bumper of 323. 311 moves up the inside of 68 entering turn 1. 292 takes over the lead. X222 and 68 have a coming together on the home straight. 68 drifts really wide exiting turn 2 and collects the pit barrier. 292, 323, 311, 153, 20, X222, 68.

68 leads on lap 1 of the SS final. Jody Withers is already up to 2nd spot on lap 3, with John Whiting in #20 in 3rd. 153 is holding 4th with X222 in 5th and 311 in 6th, 120 is 7th and 21 8th. 153 passes 20 on lap 4. Jody looks to go round 68 who drifts it a bit wide. 68 locks up on the brakes going into turn 3 and spins, Jody has to take evasive action to miss him and receives a black cross. 153, 292, X222, 311, 68, 120, 21, 20. (292 docked one place)

7 Specials today, however Kev Lording’s car is parked in the centre, so there is obviously something wrong with that. 347 leads after lap 2 followed by 214, 36, 95, 273 and visiting driver Lawrence Connors from Tongham. 214 collects the Armco exiting turn 4. 95 is making good progress and is up to 2nd already. 273 gets the power on a bit too early exiting the pit bend and spins and is down to 5th. 347, 95, 36, 214, 273, T74.

214 leads the second heat of the Specials followed by 36, 95, 347, 273 and T74. Dean Hartley in 36 goes round the outside of Ashley Lock in 214, as does Alan Hayes in 95. 214 goes slightly wide exiting turn 2 allowing Danny Stafford in 347 up the inside. 273 again loses grip exiting turn 2 and spins. 214 retires to the infield. 95 has taken over the lead, and 347 moves up the inside of 36. There is a great battle going on between Danny and Alan at the front. Even after his spin Adrian Tragus in 273 has managed to catch and pass T74 to take over 4th again. 95, 347, 36, 273, T74.

456 is back out for the Special final and he leads the way into turn 1 followed by 347, 273, 36, 95 and T74. No 214 in this race. 247 is right on the tail end of 456. 95 moves up the inside of273 to move into 3rd. Kev goes a bit wide in turn 4 letting Danny take over the lead. T74 is really struggling with his new car today. 95 has now passed 456 in 2nd, 273 is closing in on 456 also, as is 36. T74 has been lapped by 347 and 95. 347, 95, 456, 36, 273, T74.

126, 112 and 170 for A’s. 168 and 96 for Prod B. 304 and 92 for 1450’s. 153, 292 and 311 for Super Saloons. 95 and 456 for Specials. No Mod C’s out for the EK today so we are a bit low on cars. Stuart Goddard in 126 leads ahead of 170, 112, 96, 168, 92, 292, 304, 311, 456, 95, 153. 170 looks to go round the outside of 126 in turns 3 and 4 to take over the lead. 292 is now up to 4th. 92 has passed 96 to take up 5th. 311 and 304 having a good battle. 153 manages to pass Chubby in 168 on the outside. 112 slows to a stop on the pit straight. 311 is sounding a little bit sick going down the pit straight. 311 is chucking out a bit of smoke. 292 is now up to 2nd with Mick Browne 3rd and Alan Haynes 4th. 95 moves past Jody and Mick into 2nd spot, and then looks to pass Rob Dance in his Prod A. 311 moves round the outside of 126 while 92 passes 292 on the outside. 95, 170, 92, 292, 311, 126, 456, 153, 304, 96, 168.

Thanks once again to Becca for helping write the reports J
The results in this report are by no means official, only as i note them down over the line.

Carol Dance



My apologies in advance to anyone reading these race reports, they may not be totally accurate as I only decided to write them on the Monday/ Tuesday night after the meeting, hence being a bit vague in places.  If you like what you read and I do it again I promise to take notes and not rely totally on memory.


Better weather today and a better turn out of cars. The track looked fantastic, a big well done to JJ and his crew. Smooth, fast and only a minimal amount of water needed throughout the day, black rubber being left on the pit bend from what I could see.

9 cars in this group today. Jack Allen 52, Chris Polley 224, and Georgia Golding 337 progressing from the novice group. The pace of the juniors was quite rapid today, having no water down definitely benefiting them. Red graders 180 and 70 getting through the pack fairly quickly with Becca pulling out quite a big lead taking advantage of those finding their feet or getting used to new cars.
Ht2 saw a restart after 469 and 312 got into a bit of a pickle on turns 3-4 and couldn’t get going again. The clerk of the course decided on a complete rerun, that way both cars were able to restart. Again 70 gained victory but she had to work harder for it this time, in fact only managing to take the lead on the last bend after 52 went wide coming out of turn two allowing becca to get up the inside of him down the pit straight. Well done to him for keeping his nerve.
The final saw another good race, some pretty close racing but all the juniors gave each other space, Becca this time biding her time. 469 spun exiting turn two mid race and 224 and 70 did well to miss him both taking evasive action and avoiding each other at the same time. Well done guys. Visiting driver T438 took 3rd in the final after a good drive, so well done to him, hope he enjoyed his day and will come again.
Ht1; 70, 312, 180.                                Ht2; 70, 52, 312.                  Final; 70, 312, T438.

Prod A
12 cars took to the grid for ht1. This group seems to provide a really good mix of racing, with people jostling for positions all over the place, very entertaining to watch. Terry Mellish has settled really well in this group after progressing from the juniors last season, so much so that he just left everyone behind in heat 1 to take a relatively easy win. Steve Diaper came a cropper with only a few laps to go in this heat, he was making a move round the outside of visiting driver T92 exiting turn two and made hard contact with the barrier ending his race, in fact ending his meeting. Hopefully all will be fixed for the next meeting.
Ht2 again saw good fast racing from this group. 112 had a battle at the start of the race with 317 but managed to pull clear and pull out a bit of a lead again. Further back a group of about 5 or 6 cars were all vying for positions with 369, 126 and 170 managing to get past T92 who seemed to be having a real problem with the car pushing on in the bends and sending him right out to the barrier on exiting, especially turn two which is a tighter bend, it looked like a few times he was going straight in but other than a few scrapes and bangs he managed to finish the race and come across the line in 7th place. 112 took his second win of the day with the chasing pack not far behind.
The final was fairly good to watch, the group seemed to get faster as the day went on. Red graders 369 and 170 were making good progress through the pack as well as racing each other, but the man on a mission today was 112 again, he really had the bit between his teeth and drove pretty much faultlessly to make it a hatrick of wins. Well done Terry.
Ht1; 112, 81, 126.                                Ht2; 112, 317, 81.                                Final; 112, 369, 170.

Prod B
Not so many of these – 8 lined up for heat 1. Good racing from B’s today, 28 Dan Blackman in his very smart mini was on it from the word go and had a clean sweep of wins. 168 had gremlins for the first two heats with some sort of misfire, the car definitely sounded sick, but all came good for her in the final where she managed to bag a 3rd. A part from 28 taking the wins the rest of the positions were mixed about from all drivers, 105 Bernie Chambers absolutely flying in heat 2 to come home second, 96 Chris Sharpe had a fairly steady two heats bagging 2nd in heat 1 and 4th in heat 2, then he must of caught 168’s gremlins for the final as the car went sick and he failed to finish.
Ht1; 28, 96, 45.                     Ht2; 28, 105, 48.                  Final; 28, 48, 168.

Mod C
11 mod C’s today including a couple of mkll Escorts belonging to visiting drivers from Tongham and Croydon.
Ht1 was probably the best race for these guys from a spectator point of view, if albeit with a little contact and paint swapping going on. The pace was fast and furious with the very nice looking 516 getting through in heat 1 only to then pull off for a lap or two then rejoin. 222 came over the line first followed by 154 then 41, but 222 and 154 were both docked one place each for contact so promoting 41 to take the race win.
Ht2 was once again pretty rapid but I think fairly uneventful with 41 taking the chequered flag this time.
The final saw visiting driver T95 in rear wheel drive escort mixing it with our front wheel drive boys. It was a fairly steady race with 154 Ian Withers taking victory this time.
Ht1; 41, 222, 154.                                Ht2; 41, 154, 87.                  Final; 154, 41, T95.

Next up it’s the 1450’s, only 7 of these today. 90 Andy Willkie got away in heat 1 and was never in any danger of being caught, meanwhile 92 Mick Browne spun on the start, well I think he did as I wasn’t watching at that point, sorry Mick. He found himself relegated to the rear of the field with a hard task of playing catch up ahead of him. 27 and 175 were having a good battle with what looked like a bit of paint swapping going on at times, but no harm done. 92 managed to catch the pack and pass 85 and were trying to find a way past the mini of 60 but unfortunately ran out of laps.
Ht 2 saw only 6 cars on the grid, the 85 mini still in the pits with the bonnet off, again 90 got away with the rest of the pack behind him, no spin this time for 92 so a good contender to vie with Willkie, alas it was not to be as Mick and the 27 car had a bit of a coming together entering turn 3 with both cars sliding on into the outside barrier, both managed to get going again without any damage I think but had lost ground on 90. So again Willkie stomped to an easy win, Browne managing to get it back to 4th.
The final saw 6 cars for the start again, 85 still unable to fix whatever problem he had. 90 again romped home making it 3 out of 3; this time 92 avoided any mishaps to come home 2nd. Only 5 finishers this time as 27 picked p a puncture and had to retire. Although not a lot of cars there was a fair amount of action.
Ht1; 90, 27, 175.                  Ht2; 90, 175, 304.                                Final; 90, 92, 175.

Super Saloons
So onto the super saloons, only 6 of these with a visitor from Croydon, so a bit of a better turn out than last meeting. 65 was back off holiday and got a good start in heat 1 and was basically unchallenged to take a flag to flag victory, 311 got a bit crossed up or something on the car broke coming up the start finish straight and ended up going straight on into turn 1s outside barrier, this put paid to JJs racing for the day as he’d definitely done something to his steering.
Ht 2 saw 65 get away again but he didn’t have it all his own way, 292 Jody withers was chasing hard and when Ray made a mistake she was close enough to take advantage of it and move into the lead, C169 pulled off with about one lap to go.
The final saw 65 take it from flag to flag again, but the biggest battle was between 292 and 66 Andy cooper. If it hadn’t been for them the race would have been boring. 66 was trying everything he knew to get past Jody, riding the edge of the track on the outside then cutting the corner off trying to get a tight inside line, he tried every which way but to no avail, Jody managed to hold on and just beat him over the line. Great race.
Ht1; 65, 153, 292.                                Ht2; 292, 65, 66.                  Final; 65, 292, 66.

7 of these started the day but ended with only 5. 36 being the first one to be struck by demons. 95 took the spoils on the winning both heats and the final. 347 put up a good show in the final, he and 95 having quite a good race but 95 piped him to it and he had to take 2nd. My apologies as I really didn’t pay too much attention to the specials today so can’t really report on the races.
Ht1; 95, 273, 456.                                Ht2; 95, 347, 273.                                Final ; 95, 347, 273.

Eddie Kendall (E K)
This race was fab to watch! 369,112 and 170 off the front for the A’s with the more powerful machinery handicapped around the track as to engine sizes. 369 and 170 were having a great race with 170 trying really hard to get past 369, inside, outside, pull back, try again until eventually 369 made a mistake and 170 got passed him, albeit with 92 in his mirror. 3 laps to go and 92 Browne was closing in fast with 90 Willkie not far behind him either. Dance certainly eking every bit he could from that 1litre engine, 92 was close enough on the last bend to have a try and get by but had to back off, Dance got back on the power first and by some degree of luck just about managed to get across the line in front of Browne to take a well deserved win, with Willkie 3rd and 369,112 fourth and fifth respectively. What a fantastic race to watch, well raced you guys.

These results are by no way official, only as I write them over the line.

Carol Dance.

12th April meeting 2009

Well first meeting of the year went off without a hitch, albeit the track was extremely slippery due to three prior days of constant rain. Still everyone seemed to have a great day and personally i think it bought back their childhood days of playing in the mud (well chalk). Even with the track conditions being as they were, there was still some good racing in all groups. Cars ended up a little covered up by the end of the day but i'm sure they will all look nice and clean before the next meeting.


The day finished early but only due to a well run meeting with no hold ups.

The rookie bangers got a taste for the first time of their new rules and 3 laps non contact but all coped with it well, so well that all cars were in a good enough condition to bring back for the next meeting and therefore no demolition derby was held. Still there's stacks more meetings to get them out for a DD.


Lets hope that meeting 2 on the 26th of April brings a much dryer track to see the speeds increased and larger car numbers in all groups. I think too many people were at home with family or friends enjoying easter eggs to be able to get to the track on Sunday but hey ho it's like a mini Christmas for friends and family.

Hopefully we will see more of you next meeting

Bye for now!